Wood Wick Candle Care

How do I store Light on Light wood wick candles?

Store our wood wick candles away from direct sunlight and in a cool, dry place below 25C. Being a 100% natural product, this prevents discolouration of the wax and preserves the scent.

Where do I light them?

Burn on a heat resistant surface away from drafty areas such as hallways or near a window. Be sure they are out of reach of children or pets and away from any flammable objects.

Can I light two candles next to each other?

Of course! Keep a 10cm distance between them as the heat emitted from each candle can cause the wax to melt quickly and unevenly. 

How long should I burn my candle?

For 2-3hrs at a time – this allows an evenly melted wax pool to form which reaches the edge of the jar or travel tin (this is also known as 'clean burn'). It also maximises the candle burn time and prevents burrowing or drowning of the wick.

My candle won't light - What should I do?

Once the candle has re-solidified and prior to relighting, remove the burnt edges of the wood wick by gently pinching with fingers or using a pair of wick trimmers. Be careful not to drop any burnt pieces of the wood wick in to the wax.

When should I stop using my candle?

Discontinue use once the wax has reached approximately 1cm above the base of the jar or tin. This protects the vessel from over-heating and potentially cracking.

How do I clean my jar? 

Soy wax is easily cleaned with a sponge and hot soapy water. You can remove the wood wick, metal wick holder and wick sticker when you clean the jar as well. 

What do I do with the jar after my candle has finished?

Re-use your jar to store items such as make-up brushes and cotton wool, as seedling pots, a vase for flowers or hiding your favourite treats from the kids or work colleagues! If you live within Sydney, we can refill your jar with a scent of your choice and a 10% discount.


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