Natural Wood Wick Soy Candles

Spark a Light that Inspires

Light on Light is beyond just a brand, it is a vision for the future. Our 100% soy wax wood wick candles are handcrafted in Sydney using premium quality, vegan and eco-friendly materials sourced within Australia. Our range of stylish vessels and fragrance intensity options allow you to indulge in a luxury candle completely unique to your preference. 


Perfect way to wind down during this isolation. Lounging around to the calming, clean and sweet aroma of newly purchased wood wick candle. The scent is powerful but not overbearing. They come exquisitely packaged in beautiful jars. Definitely worth it. Can't wait to buy the other scents but something tells me these ones are very long-lasting already.

Shazia T

It gives of such a vibrant smell that it literally calms me

Rosie Y

Japanese Honeysuckle had nice aroma I was surprised. The smell was better when it was lit. Love the lemongrass one. Oh my gosh the house smelt so good. Thank you so much again.

Nur S

Finally a candle with amazing scents that last!

Faaizah K

Best type of night in - a book and a perfect candle.

Zoya A

100% soy wax

Soy wax is made from sustainable, environmentally friendly and renewable resources. It is biodegradable and free of toxins. Soy wax burns slower, more evenly and disperses fragrance better than other types of waxes.

Wood wicks

Wood wicks are thin strips or tubes of wood specifically made for use as a candlewick. Our wood wicks are made from 100% natural wood that is farmed using safe and sustainable forestry practices (FSC certified).

Experience the difference

Many people who use candles with wood wicks note that they find the soft crackles and the wider light provided by the cutting flame to be quite relaxing and reminiscent of a fireplace.

Top Fragrances


This masculine scent is sure to send your senses into overdrive with sharp notes of bergamot and cedarwood coupled with warm leather.

Arabian Nights

A complex concoction of exotic spices, rare resinous oud wood and top notes of rose & geranium that is beyond alluring and majestic.

Japanese Honeysuckle

A robust exotic blend of honey sweetness with a light floral musk.

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